When Accidents Happen

When Accidents Happen

Understanding Your Coverage Against Damages

Soda City Movers is a fully licensed and insured company. In addition, we have an outstanding safety record with less than a 3% claims ratio. In the event that an accident does happen it is important to know what additional coverage options are available.

At Soda City Movers we offer two options to protect your items during a move.


This is included with your move at no additional cost to you. The limitation of liability standard is sixty cents ($0.60) per pound per article damaged for belongings and is included with your move. It’s important to note that we, your mover, do not determine the limitations of liability – the federal and state governments do. This means that when the released value protection is selected and an item is damaged, the most that can be claimed is $0.60 per pound per article. For example if you have a chair that weighs 10 lbs and is broken during the move, regardless of the value, the maximum coverage amount would be $6.00.


Soda City Movers will pay for and/or coordinate repairs for damaged items (up to $1,000 coverage per move). If repairs are not possible, Soda City Movers will reimburse the customer for the current value of the damaged item using straight-line depreciation and industry standard depreciation schedules. For example: The value of a used table that is damaged during the move will be determined by its current market value using straight-line depreciation or the cost to repair said item, whichever is lower. This coverage does not include the functionality of any appliance or electronic device as there is no way to pre-test functionality. Customer will be charged a one-time fee of $150 PER TRUCK LOAD for this coverage. See the paragraph below for all damage exclusions.

ITEMS NOT COVERED (applies to both policies)

Our coverage options DO NOT COVER damage to:
(1) refrigerators,
(2) appliances,
(3) exercise equipment,
(4) particle board furniture,
(5) wood floors,
(6) laminate flooring,
(7) glass furniture items,
(8) contents of containers not packed by our movers,
(9) the customer’s home, building or land of any sort,
(10) marble or granite
(11) bicycles
(12) ceramics
(13) plants
(14) outdoor planters, pots, statues
(15) lamps & lamp shades
(16) vacuum cleaners
(17) electronics
(18) glassware of any kind
(19) pictures not packed
(20) mirrors not packed

We strongly recommend transporting items 10-20 on your own.

We are not liable for damaged functionality of appliances resulting from disassembling, assembling, or transporting. Please double check appliance connections as we are not responsible for water leaks. In some cases, tracking soil onto flooring is inevitable, thus we are not responsible for any resulting damage. Our liability for damage on “load only” jobs (no transportation of goods performed by Soda City Movers) terminates once the truck has been loaded. We highly recommend contacting your insurance agent to obtain a moving endorsement for your current policy.

Again, the vast majority of the time, we complete moves without any issues, but it’s good to be prepared and know what your options are. Please contact us with any questions about these coverage options. We look forward to working with you!