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    Piano Moving

    Soda City Movers can move your piano, too! We have experience moving all types of pianos from a standard upright to some of the finest grand pianos. In fact, we move some sort of piano most days. We are equipped with “piano boards” and other necessary tools to assist with moving baby grand and grand pianos.

    Pianos are all very different, and depending on the type you’re moving, it make require additional manpower. For example, most spinet pianos can be moved with 2 movers, while traditional upright and baby grand pianos will need at least 3 movers. For grand pianos, we require a minimum of 4 movers to ensure the safety of our employees and our customers’ property.

    In addition to our normal hourly rates, we do charge equipment fees as follows:
    Spinet/Upright Pianos – $100
    Baby Grand/Grand Pianos – $200

    Due to safety reasons, we will only move pianos that are going from and to a ground floor location. Up to 5 exterior steps are not a problem in most cases, but we will not move any piano up or down more than 5 steps. If you’re only moving a piano, keep in mind that we have a 2 hour minimum for all local moves. Feel free to call us for a quote on your specific piano moving needs!