Moving is a lot like Tetris

Everyone has played Tetris. Tetris is the reason I had to search for my Gameboy, only to find it in the hands of my mother, who was suddenly addicted to the puzzle game. It turns out she might have made a good mover, too. Moving furniture is a lot like Tetris. If you think about it, you can look around your home or office right now and find the same shapes. Go ahead, try – I’ll wait. OK now that you looked around the room (admit it, you looked) you can see how that would be a pretty helpful tool in moving furniture. In fact, we’re so excited about this not-so-shocking revelation that we’ve decided to eliminate all of our training programs in place of Tetris. All of our movers will be required to play Tetris for at least 10 hours a week. OK not really, but if you can beat our movers in Tetris then we’ll give you a discount on your move. Actually, we can’t do that either (SC regulates us heavily, bummer). Anyway, play Tetris because it’s fun and stimulates the brain, or something.

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Moving is like Tetris