How to Choose a Mover in Columbia, SC

How to Choose a Mover in Columbia, SC

It seems a little silly for us to offer advice on how to choose a moving company in Columbia, since we’re obviously biased, but bear with me for a minute on this. Let’s face it – Columbia really isn’t that big. Word of mouth travels fast. When a new restaurant opens up, we all hear about it pretty fast. When “Bob” at the auto repair place rips your neighbor off, the neighborhood Facebook page is voicing their opinions on where you should take your car. But when the time comes to hire a mover, how do you make that decision? Do you pick the one you see driving around town? Do you ask your coworkers for advice? Do you just do a simple Google search?

Moving is a big deal. Ask questions!
Honestly, there is no “right” answer. All of the above are good ways to find out about movers. What you should remember is that you are hiring a company to move all of your personal items. It’s a big deal. And you should trust that company. So do a ton of research. Ask a ton of questions. And read everything. Moving isn’t something you do every day, so you want to make it a positive experience. Unlike when a burger joint messes up your order, you can’t “remake” your move. It happens once and it’s done.

Ask about extra fees
At Soda City Movers, we have intentionally gone against the grain based on how other local companies charge for their services. South Carolina regulates movers, and almost all of us are “hourly” based. What makes us different is that when you hire our company, your hourly time starts at YOUR HOME. Many moving companies start your time from THEIR OFFICE, meaning you will pay if they are stuck in traffic, getting gas, or maybe stopping for a breakfast sandwich. You shouldn’t pay for that! WHAT IS A FUEL SURCHARGE? Seriously, what is that? We don’t know, either, so we don’t charge one. Many companies charge a 5% to 10% additional fee at the end of your move, which can be very costly. Aside from our competitive hourly rates, we charge a one-time, small flat travel fee. The fee is zipcode-based, and is designed to cover our base travel expenses (labor, fuel, use of truck). Our customers prefer this, because it eliminates the unknown variable of an hourly and/or percentage based travel/fuel charge.

Peace of mind
Be sure to ask every company you consider how they charge for these things, so you can avoid paying unknown fees. Additionally, ask for proof of their license and insurance. This is a very simple request. Every moving company should have these documents close by and be able to email a copy for your added peace of mind.

Don’t hire a temp agency
Another very important issue is the concept of temporary labor. Soda City Movers DOES NOT hire temporary workers or general laborers. Your move will be performed by our employees, who have been trained and background-checked. Many movers use temporary labor during the peak moving season to keep up with demand, but that can lead to potential problems.

We’re human!
Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, hire a company that you enjoy dealing with. When you call our office, a human will answer the phone. That human will be friendly and knowledgeable. Our office staff is ready to help you from start to finish to ensure you have a pleasant experience. We think it’s time for a REFRESHING RELOCATION. Don’t you?